Cosmopolitan Trading Co., Ltd. is a Thai registered legal entity specialized in activities of import of construction materials from Germany and export of Thai original products. Setting up in year 2000, Cosmo is the first Thai company which seriously commercialized the special and innovative product of Fusiotherm the PP-R piping system invented by aquatherm GmbH into Thailand. after 10 years of hard work, Fusiotherm is the Thailand's first choice of PP-R pipes used by various reputable projects of five star hotels (such as Sukhothai Beaufort, Siam Kempinski, Marriott, W, etc and upscale residential developments like Sukhothai Residents, St. Regis and many more...Currently, Cosmopolitan Trading is promoting a unique standardized water filtration system made by BWT GmbH, a leading European German manufacturer of water filters, in Thailand and with local expertise we believe this product of filter will become another success story and a benchmark of water filtration technology for Thailand. Our objective is to make Cosmopolitan Trading be known the name of innovative water technology and solution provider for Thailand.

Diversified from KDF Thai a 45 year trading firm in Thailand in year 2000, Cosmopolitan Trading was set up to distribute the innovative product of Polypropylene Copolymer Random 80 pipe, a piping system has not been well aware in Thailand. A year of market research from raw material kowledge to the popularity of finished product in Europe and especially in Germany - the world’s center of engineering plastic industry and undisputed reputation of the best mechanical equipment maker - in the year 2000 enable us to learn about Aquatherm GmbH and a reward to us being to know that they are the inventor of PP-R 80.

With commitment to bringing the highest quality of pipe product into Thailand Cosmopolitan Trading had soon reached an agreement with Aquatherm GmbH to act as the sole distributor status in Thailand in 2001. After 8 years of hard working and dedication, Fusiotherm brand has been widely accepted and became the pipe of choice for many contractors and leading sanitary designers. Many reputable projects in Thailand have procured and installed Fusiotherm with satisfactions. Both new developments and retrofitting or renovation projects of residentials, hotels, housing projects and industrial facilities are finding Fusiotherm applicable and considered as an alternative to copper and metallic piping system, which offers durability, hygiene, and reliability.

Cosmopolitan Trading is proud to be a pioneer in providing a new solution to piping system and all the success in the past years are the result of dedicated and enthusiastic working hours invested by each of our staff. Win of hearts in loyalty customers is only possible by customer oriented service, caring, consistancy in quality and trust.